About Me

Hello everyone. My name is KK, I’m living in the city of Shah Alam in Peninsula Malaysia (or West-Malaysia). I am a guitar lover since I was a little kid.

I still remember that, the first influence which had made me so interested in guitar was my neighbour who stayed and worked next door when I was about five years old. We were staying on the same row of shop houses. Every afternoon when he had done his works and have a little leisure time, he will bring up his guitar and start his solo strumming… It was “Country Roads” by John Denver. He looked cool and the guitar sounds wonderful.

Since then I had been attracted to guitar. Unfortunately, I did not have any chance to learn or have anyone to teach me how to play a guitar because I was so shy. At that time I didn’t realize what an interest was, and how to further cultivate and grow my interest because I was just a small little kid who know nothing, and no guidance from my parent as well because they have to sacrifice all their time running the family grocery store to support the entire family. I love you Mum and Dad. 🙂

My first contact with guitar was when I was in high-school time, where I found a Yamaha acoustic guitar in my family house, it was in a room left by a tenant who used to rent that room. However I never really know how to strum correctly, not until when internet and web surfing are getting popular in my country. So I learned some guitar techniques by searching through the Internet and books. But this way didn’t really give me much improvement as I only follow the strumming patterns and cords without knowing the actual musical needs and soul.

Eventually, I managed to play a guitar correctly, not to say excellence but at least my wife is not complaining for making those weird and noisy sounds. This credit have to go to my wife too as she was the one that encourage me to take up a real guitar lesson. This was back in 2013 when we were at a shopping mall where there are a few guitar shops and she knew I am interested in playing guitar and suggested why don’t I find a teacher here and sign up for a course. So we have had chosen one of the shop and signed up on their lesson, and we even bought a new acoustic guitar (the old one which I found is not in good shape anymore where it’s a bit out of tone and pitch. Hence I had given it to someone).

This is how I met my first and very best guitar’s teacher. Please don’t be misinterpreted, I’m not saying that learning online or online courses is not good. Just that we all are human being and definitely a face-to-face interaction will be more fun and joyful, and of cause this sometimes could be subjective as for some people they’d prefer not to have face-to-face for certain reasons. Nevertheless, if possible and you’re financially allowed, get a one-to-one guitar teacher is a prime decision or else online learning is a good alternative choice as well.

Because of what I had been gone through, hence I decided to create a guitar site that allow myself and others to meet and share their experiences, knowledge and more importantly, their passion to start and learn playing guitar. I’ve started my guitar lesson at age 42, if I can, so can you. Stop all excuses and procrastination, ACTION NOW.

So this is my guitar story. Hope you’ll like it and if you ever need any feedback or support regarding guitar, I would be more than happy to reply and if I can’t answer it, hopefully someone in this community could help and at the same time I’ll try to find you a best answer, and hope you would do the same to help others as well (Sharing, We Get More). Simply leave your comment here and make sure you visit my site regularly as I will be updating it on and off with new stuffs and information that I come across and I know you will find it interesting too. Happy learning and have fun!


K. K. 

Founder of guitarpassions.com