Free Metronome Apps – A Critical Device To Help You During Practice

What A Metronome Is?

” A metronome is a device that produces an audible beat—a click or other sound—at regular intervals that the user can set in beats per minute (BPM). Musicians use the device to practice playing to a regular pulse. Metronomes typically include synchronized visual motion (e.g., swinging pendulum or blinking lights). ”  (Cite: Wikipedia)

When you are playing a song, it is very important that your rhythm is consistently and accurately hit at the exact timing or beat. Especially when you are jamming in a band. But this doesn’t mean you have to play a particular song in it original pace.

As a beginner or when practicing a new song, you can always start playing it at your own pace. For instance, if a song originally played at a tempo of 120 BPM, before you can play at this tempo, you may start practicing at a lower tempo, let’s say 50 BPM or even lower. Once you’re comfortable with this tempo and able to follow every single beats, then you may slightly increase to 60 BPM and keep on practice, until you’re able to catch up with its original tempo.

Here is one of my favorite metronome’s app that I use it quite often. It’s FREE!

Mobile Metronome

List of features:

– Fine tempo tuning from 10 to 230 BPM
– Tap tempo
– Load and save presets
– Adjustable tempo signature for simple, compound and complex meters.
– From 2 to 20 beats per measure
– Beat subdivision as quarter, eighth, triplet, sixteenth, quintuplet and sextuplet notes

– Beat emphasis
– 4 soundpacks
– Adjustable volume

– Visual beat counter
– Italian tempo markings
– Automatically turns off when there´s an incoming call
– Runs in background
– Settings are saved automatically on exit

Or sometimes I would prefer something that’s simple and nice.

Simple Metronome


  • Stable tempo
  • 1st beat accent
  • Store “Favorites” for quick tempo recall (great for setting tempos for live performances)
  • Visual click for silent operation

If you have any querries or would like to share your review, please leave your comments here. I’d be more than happy to answer or listen to. Thanks!